’80s Toys

He-Man Dragon Walker 1984

1984 belonged to HE-MAN

Transformers NEW Optimus Prime 1988

Revisionism at its finest

Hot Wheels Ernie Anderson 1984

That’s Paul “The Master” Thomas Anderson’s dad Ernie voxing some Hot Wheeling early 80s Saturday morning action

WWF jouets grans 1987

Recorded from CBLFT sometime in 1987

Michael Jackson Doll LJN 1984

Go Michael!

Go-Bots Command Centre 1984

The mighty Go-Bot command centre

He-Man Castle Grayskull 1981

It’s Castle Grayskull, and it’s mine!

Billy Van The Amazing Singing Machine 1984

Billy Van, he of the mighty Hilarious House of Frightenstein, had clearly fallen on hard times in the 1980s…

Hasbro GI Joe 1984

Sandbox heaven

Coleco Sectaurs 1985

IIRC, Sectaurs posed a real threat to He-Man in the mid-80s

Kenner Star Wars Toys Ewok Village 1984

You have to put it together

JEM Coming Soon 1986

Teaser for the imminent arrival of the greatest line of Grrrl toys ever – JEM