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Stock Footage

Retrontario currently oversees a large collection of stock footage, and can provide hi-resolution, unwatermarked copies of virtually any subject, including any clips you might have seen on our YouTube channel. If you have a specific request, or require something generally representative of an era, please get in touch and we’ll do our best to meet your needs.


Retrontario has supplied footage for many documentary productions including THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE THIS ANYPLACE, DROP THE NEEDLE, THE ONION, KEYBOARD FANTASIES: THE BEVERLY GLENN-COPELAND STORY, NIRVANNA THE BAND THE SHOW, and many more.


Retrontario offers a full suite of solutions to convert, digitize and transfer your tapes into digital files or DVD/Blu-ray format. Whether it is VHS, Betamax, Betacam, U-matic ¾”, 1”, 2”, Hi 8mm, MiniDV or other, we specialize in discreet transfers of corporate materials.

We are also interested in digitizing any rare material you might have, that is danger of being lost or destroyed as it ages on obsolete formats such as VHS.  We are happy to provide quotes for any job.



Retrontario provides the following consultation services:

Retrontario has accumulated a large online following and is able to provide consultation on how best to use your “Heritage” content to build your brand on social channels such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

From Walt Disney to Coca-Cola, Harley Davidson Motors, and McDonalds, some of the world’s most popular brands use their history to define themselves to consumers. Retrontario believes this is applicable on the micro or macro level, and we have assisted many companies in liberating their heritage content from archaic formats, bringing the material back to life in the modern environment via social media channels.

Our team of archive professionals can undertake a detailed assessment of your holdings. This will include storage, formats, genres and condition of holdings, etc. We are able to assess any format, from VHS tapes to MiniDV, 16mm, Super8mm, Betamax, ¾” and 1”, 2” and other.

We can provide a detailed cost-effective programme to suit your budget that will provide you with digital files of any video, photographic or paper content which can then be easily deployed online.

We will supply a detailed report and plan of best practices for storage, migration and preservation of your holdings.

We can advise on the best restoration method for material at risk and/or provide the restoration service.


Public Speaking

Retrontario’s Ed Conroy brings all his experiences in the field of “Heritage” marketing, nostalgia, archive, and cultural history together as a multi-media presentation. Whether speaking to large or small groups, at historical conferences or on the radio, Conroy creates a compelling case for the importance of archive and its modern uses in the age of social media.

Conroy has shared his encyclopedic knowledge of local cultural history on the CBC, Global TV, TVOntario, Citytv, CTV and VisionTV, as well many guest appearances on CBC Radio, Indie88, CFRB/NewsTalk 1010, and multiple podcasts including Toronto Mike, and The Agenda – The TVO Story. He has also appeared on CANADA’S GAME SHOWS, THE AGENDA and POP LIFE.

For more information, please contact ed@retrontario.com.

Props & Rentals

Retrontario has a large collection of vintage TV, VCR, film and audio props that are available to rent. 

For photographers, prop stylists, set designers, movie producers, creative directors, TV commercial producers, window dressers, events and theatre groups.

Everything from top-loading VCRS, vintage Jerrold Cable boxes, 16mm film reels and projectors, Ex-rental video store VHS tapes and much more.


Original Production

In concert with our production partner Sweet Video, Retrontario continues to explore Documentary production opportunities. In 2017 we co-produced PEOPLE CITY: TORONTO’S LOST ANTHEM with the Myseum of Toronto. We are currently working on NO PARENTS, NO RULES: DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE OF THE MAD HATTER’S TEA PARTY which chronicles the wild tale of the Toronto birthday party phenomena The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

As well, Retrontario has created unique visual compilations for the following events:



Retrontario is proud to have established relationships with many clients in all industries. Whether helping to craft the prefect online promotion using vintage assets, to deploying paid promotions, consulting on archival practices and more.

Below represents a small sampling of our clients.