Tommy Ambrose – A Point of View (Global TV launch theme)

Tommy Ambrose again; This rare 45 was released to mark the launch of Global TV, and contained several variations of their theme song – “A Point of View”.

  1. After all these years. Just thinking about it. His song. At the end of each night. The Global signoff song. Followed by the long lonely tone. And then the silence.
    Somewhere in the l970’s I am suspended in an innocence/amnesia where I still believe that all good things are possible. Probable. Right around the corner.,,Stuck there in that lovely lyric. Right before I go to sleep. Delighted. Defiant. Refusing to recant.
    The Global sign off song. Rang so true. What Ontario used to be. Could be. Still is.
    It was sooooo Ontario. Right up there with “Give us a place to stand…and a place to grow…”

    For two decades afterwards, I introduced poetry, media, and journal writing with Tommy Ambrose’s Global sign off song, using it as an antidote to cynicism, encouraging kids to find their own voices…

    He sang it beautifully.
    Strong. Soulful. Convincingly. Heartfelt.
    We were moved.
    We went to bed happy. A generation encouraged by that last thought. To speak up. Because it matters.
    Thank you!
    My condolences to Tommy Ambrose’s family.

    Tamara Moro

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