Read All About It! With interesting people there’s a mystery to be solved…

September 2019 marked the 40th anniversary of TVOntario’s barmy science-fiction edutainment serial Read All About It!, which was shown as part of Ontario curriculum for Grade 5 reading and writing up until the early 1990s, and almost daily on TVO:

Created by Clive Endersby, and directed by Jeremy Pollock, Read All About It! mixed spooky low-budget scares with proper lessons which were collected in teacher’s manuals—and photocopied to review in class after the show:

Two of the series lead actors showed up in a TTC commercial for student discount cards a few years later, while its star David Collard went on to write for Family Guy.

Sadly on June 6, 2019, Sean Kenneth Hewitt died. Hewitt spent a life on the stage, TV and film (including Battlefield Earth!), but for a generation of Ontario students he was unforgettable as the alien nemesis Duneedon—who also masqueraded as Mayor Don Eden—in Read All About It!

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